Someone around Sioux Falls appears to have lost something. The Minnehaha County Highway Department found some pretty interesting stuff discarded along the road this week. They posted a picture on Facebook with this message:

PSA: One of our mowers found this bag along the side of the road today. If you are missing your bag, feel free to contact the Minnehaha County Sheriff's Office to claim your belongings. On a side note, if your organization is interested in helping keep our right-of-way clean, please contact us for information about our Adopt-A-Highway Program!

Upon further investigation, (I asked Patty), it turns out that these are devices used for the smoking of things of a nefarious nature. Like, you know...pot, weed, grass, dope, reefer, Ganja.

Some of the comments on the post include:

Ashley Alynn: Someone's having a rough day with their loss.

Matt Hanson: Is that the new COVID mask?

Brain Tummi: Hey, I was storing that there, if you could put it back and tell me where I left it...

Jay Williston: THAT'S where that went...

So if you are missing your herb smokin' apparatuses looks like ya just have to swing by the County Sheriff's office and claim them. You might wanna prepare to stay a little while.

Well played Minnehaha County Highway Department...well played.

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