If you’re recently widowed, divorced or have lost a loved one, Kristi Overstreet says you could be suffering from the holiday blues this season.

Kristie is a clinical therapist and author of “Fix Yourself First: 25 Tips to Stop Ruining Your Relationships.”

“I call it the 80-20 rule. For 20 percent of the time go ahead and realize it’s going to be a difficult time. Your life may feel like a roller coaster of emotions. Make sure that you honor those thoughts.. For 80 percent of the time seek out the positives in your life and get some support. Know that this is a season that will pass and you will get through it.”

If you feel isolated and alone, Kristie encourages you to take the first step: reach out to others in the community.

“Absolutely! Being alone and isolating will not help. It allows you to wallow in misery and unhappiness. It’s important to plan ahead. Make sure that you have plans for the holidays to not be alone. If you feel uncomfortable asking friends and family for support and you don’t want to attend a dinner gathering---ask them what they are doing later on in the day. Do whatever it takes to make sure to get the support.”

Kristie Overstreet says it’s also important to accept the things you cannot change.

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