My baseball team, proudly known as "The Hungry Vipers", is made up of some young boys that are dead serious about baseball. This team of nine year olds, is the top team in their league in the standings.

They have all the elements to make a winning team. They have pitching, defense, hitting and base running that all are the best in their division. But the most important ingredient is their attitude.

They are extremely aggressive on the field. However, they remain calm and focused. When they get behind with the score, there is no sense of anxiety. They just play harder and move ahead every time.

Their willing to learn at all times and they are highly trainable. They are great students of the game. It is my great pleasure to be their head coach.

I all have to do is ask them for effort and I get it. On Saturday afternoon I decided to have a batting practice the very next day unexpectedly on a Sunday. And at a horrible time. I asked them to come to the field at noon.

And then to make matters worse, it was raining Sunday at noon. Nobody would show up right? Wrong! They all came and we held a 2 1/2 hour practice.

If you go up to these boys and ask, "What does practice make"? They won't say "Perfect". No, there's no such thing as perfect. Practice makes average. Meaning if you practice, you should be as good as the average player.

Furthermore, if you don't practice, you will be worse than the average player out there. If you do what we are doing here, something I call deliberate, strategic, targeted practice, you will be better than the average player.

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Dale Schempp
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Dale Schempp

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