One of the best things about the internet is it can turn you into an expert at something in no time at all! Take pumpkin carving as an example. I'm not the best at it myself, but after watching this video on YouTube, my pumpkin carving skills increased dramatically.

Let me start off by letting you know, I am about the least artistic person you'll ever meet. I'm terrible at drawing, painting, sculpting, and yes, I've always been pretty awful at pumpkin carving too. My favorite part about carving out pumpkins with family and friends has always been the beginning, where you gut the pumpkin out of its seeds and pulp. My family would always roast the seeds in the oven while we were carving out our pumpkins too. Never had roasted pumpkin seeds? Try them, you won't be disappointed.

As far as the carving, I usually have high hopes in the beginning, but I can honestly say I've never really been able to carve a  jack-o'-lantern I was proud of... Until I watched this video, that is. Check it out, below.

Pretty cool, right? For me, I had always tried carving the teeth into the pumpkin itself, but this way is much easier and leaves a better result. Try these tips out for yourself and see if you fared as well as I did!

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