In the sport of fishing here in South Dakota and to our neighbors in Minnesota walleye is the King when it comes to fishing. And in the state of Minnesota, they also like their hockey. Hence the tag, State of Hockey. They would also like to keep reminding us that they are the State of Fishing.

As the Minnesota fishing opener draws near on Saturday, May 14, anglers will be rigging lines for walleye, pike, and bass. The opener for muskie isn't until June 4.

Minnesota has a wonderful lake system. You may have heard about their 10,000 or seen it printed on license plates.

Millions of dollars are pumped into the economy of Minnesota from fishing and millions are spent each year by the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources to improve infrastructure.

According to a Minnesota DNR report, in 2022 the budget includes $221.4 million in capital bonding to address critical issues such as improving access to the outdoors, advancing safety and community wellbeing, and rehabilitating aging—and in some cases failing.  


When you pull up to your favorite body of water, and back down the ramp to launch your boat for a great day of fishing, you may want to make a mental note to thank the folks who continue to make these improvements. Not just in Minnesota and South Dakota, but everywhere you fish, hunt, waterski, and camp.


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