Going fishing is a classic tradition among families. Not only does fishing teach patience, but it also teaches kids they can win a lot of money in this sport. One Iowa man recently won a nice paycheck after snagging a tagged walleye.

Dennis Weerheim from Spirit Lake, Iowa just became over $5,000 richer after catching a tagged walleye last Sunday. However, Dennis could have reeled in over $40,000...the opportunity literally swam away.

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According to KTIV in Iowa, Dennis was participating in the 41st Annual Walleye Weekend contest. Ten tagged walleye fish were released in different lakes like Big Spirit Lake, East Lake Okoboji, & West Lake Okoboji. Dennis snagged his tagged walleye on the east side of Big Spirit Lake.

This year's grand prize was $41,000 if a lucky fisherman or fisherwoman snagged a tagged walleye by Saturday or Sunday during the main event. While no one earned the grand prize, Dennis was determined to snag a walleye. He couldn't even sleep! Dennis tells KTIV, "My wife went to bed so I said I think I’m going to go out to the dock and try fishing a little bit. Caught a couple of walleyes and then I caught this one. And while I was netting him I was looking down there and in my headlamp, I could see something on the fish’s back and I thought oh my gosh, it’s a tagged walleye!” Even though Dennis missed the chance at the big money, he was still pretty happy with a $5,080 check.

If you're interested in competing in the 41st Annual Walleye Weekend, there are still nine tagged walleye fish swimming! The next couple of catches are still worth money for the extended contest. More details can be found here.


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