It's common to see various wild animals roaming across the Sioux Empire. But it's not every day you see a giant moose exploring backyards in Minnesota, Iowa, and now possibly South Dakota!

This loveable giant is taking the nation by storm. There is a "herd" of loyal people tracking a moose on the loose in southern Minnesota. His name is Rutt: The Minnesota Moose on the Loose.

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Just like Rutt, this moose has a HUGE following. The Facebook group for tracking this famous moose is called Rutt-The Central MN Moose on the LooseAt the time of this post, the moose-tracking group has over 37,000 followers. People really love this moose!

So where is Rutt wandering off to and is this young moose lost in Minnesota? An expert with the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources told the Minnesota Star Tribune that it's pretty common to see moose roaming in northern Minnesota. More likely than not, Rutt is making his way up north. He's also trying to find other moose who could be moving north as well.

There are also reports that Rutt was spotted walking around the state of Iowa. Some watchers on the Rutt-The Central MN Moose on the Loose page thought pictures circling social media were old pictures of Rutt. But it turns out there are actually two moose on the loose! This moose looks like it was spotted in Northern Iowa.

The moose was currently spotted in the Spirit Lake Iowa area. This moose could also be making its way home to Southern Canada, Northern Minnesota, or even Northern North Dakota. There is a slight chance this moose could be heading towards South Dakota.

Let's hope both mooses are enjoying their adventures!

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