Going to the dentists.

OK, it totally honesty, it may not be one of the top ten things you enjoy doing. But it sure is a whole lot better than in the 'olden days'. Some of the stories I've read about taking care of toothaches a hundred years ago are...well, edging right up close to brutal.

These days, it's a lot easier (not too mention a whole lot less painful) to see your dentist on a regular basis. And of course, it just makes good sense.

So how those of us here in South Dakota, the greatest state in the nation...are we up-to-snuff in the dental health department? Are we Kind of the Hill as far as our choppers are concerned?

Well, no. But we're not at the bottomr either.

According to our friends at WalletHub, South Dakota ranks 16th in the nation as far as Dental Health. They take things like Dental Habits and Care and Oral Health into consideration (see their full report and rankings here).

Our neighbors in North Dakota and Minnesota rank in the Top Three, right behind the dental leader, Wisconsin. Iowa comes in at number fourteen.

And if folks in West Virginia, Mississippi and Arkansas aren't smiling much, well, they have the bottom spots.

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