We've had to skip, cancel or postpone a lot of activities during the Coronavirus pandemic. Family reunions. Vacations. Sporting events. Maybe a date-night at the movies. Going to church. The list goes on and on.

And may include that dental appointment you had. You decided it wasn't that big of a deal. But as it turns out, it could be a very big deal indeed.

According to azfamily.com skipping or canceling that dental appointment could hurt you in the long run if you get Covid-19. Why? Research has shown that when we have large amounts of bacteria in our mouth with gum disease, that can suppress your body's immune system. And that just might make it harder to fight the flu...or Covid-19.

And really, do we need anything that would make it easier for us to get sick?

You can read the article here. And while it also states that dental visits are down during the pandemic, you may want to think twice before postponing or canceling that regular dental visit to get your teeth cleaned. They'll make sure the visit is safe and you'll walk out feeling better...and looking better, too!

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