The relentless heat has been plaguing Sioux Falls and the entire state of South Dakota since early June, a whole three weeks before the calendar indicated it was summer! So far, July has followed suit as the heat and humidity continue to blanket the Sioux Empire. Our friends over at the National Weather Service in Sioux Falls always keep us up to date on the latest weather information.

The good news…We are looking at cooler temperatures and some rain in our area! The forecast for later this week is providing hope that there will be some relief from this oppressive heat as well as some desperately needed precipitation.

According to the  National Weather Service, this is what we can expect to see in the Sioux Empire this week:

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Tuesday, July 6th: Partly cloudy and 88 degrees. There is a chance of showers and thunderstorms mainly after 1 PM.
Wednesday, July 7th: Mostly sunny and 79 degrees.
Thursday, July 8th: Mostly sunny with a high near 87 degrees. There is a chance of some showers and thunderstorms in the evening.
Friday, July 9th: Partly sunny and 86.  There is a 50% chance of rain throughout the day including showers and thunderstorms.  
Due to the soaring temperatures, everyone is searching for ways to beat the heat! Sioux Falls’ finest are no different. Members of the  Sioux Falls Police Department have found it necessary to find another way to start their day.
Forget about the traditional morning coffee and daily donut run, in an effort to stay cool this summer, the officers are now in search of tall glasses of iced cold lemonade! That’s right!  When the temperature is rising (and the donut shops are closed for the day!), you can now find the Sioux Falls police officers on the streets stopping by the best local lemonade stands.

The Sioux Falls Police Department recently shared this adorable picture on its social media sites including Facebook and Twitter.  Simply put on the Facebook post: You can always find the friendly Sioux Falls officers hanging out by local lemonade stands when it’s hot outside, and the donut shops are closed for the day!

Let's hope for some cooler temperatures and rain this week.  We sure do need it!  Until then, stay cool and support the neighborhood lemonade stands just like the Sioux Falls police officers do!

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