When summer comes around, families are always looking for something exciting to do with the kids.  A good portion of this fun sometimes includes going outside and enjoying the fresh air.  Automatically, I think of going to the fair and creating family memories.

Well, the next time you're at a festival with the family, perhaps you'll see the Willow Meadows Farm from Dell Rapids there!

Willow Meadows Farm is a new petting zoo and family experience in the Sioux Empire.  According to its website, this family-owned business is a mobile petting zoo that brings all the fun and animals to you!  Whether you have a small gathering, large event, or a private party,  Willow Meadows Farm is sure to bring enthusiastic animal encounters for you and the family to enjoy.  Plus, this mobile petting zoo goes beyond the farm.  Willow Meadows Farm also brings reptiles like tree frogs and lizards.  Their chameleon is a crowd favorite!

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I had the pleasure to see the Willow Meadows Farm in action during the 2021 Flandreau Rodeo Days.  They truly bring an energetic atmosphere to any event they attend.  The kids even had an opportunity to feed the animals as well as name some of the friends on the farm.

Christine Manika (TSM)
Christine Manika (TSM)

Willow Meadows Farm has so many animals that they need help finding names!  As you can see from the photo, lots of names are needed.

Willow Meadows Farm will go through all the suggestions and announce the names of all animals on its Facebook page. Be on the lookout!

This is just another great local business in the Sioux Empire that's great for the family to enjoy!

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