Oh My Cupcakes! is the place to go to satisfy your sweet tooth in Sioux Falls!  It's also perfect for some delicious goodies for parties this holiday season!

The cupcake establishment has not one, but THREE locations in the Sioux Empire.  You can find Oh My Cupcakes! on 57th and Western, East 10th Street, and in the Empire Mall!

Since 2009, the cupcake hot spot has been providing a hometown taste for Sioux Falls.  Owner Melissa Johnson "was fueled with a beautiful, grand vision, but backed by a pitifully small bank account. And, 2009 was an era marked with fear, as our national economy was in a steady decline."  The cupcake eatery started off in a small, commercial kitchen.  Then Melissa and her "Cupcake Ninjas" opened her first storefront in Downtown Sioux Falls in 2010.  At the time, this store was only open from 8 A.M. to 2 P.M. Monday-Saturday.  Fast forward to August 2013 when Oh My Cupcakes!  moved to The Bridges at 57th and Western.  The cupcake empire has been thriving ever since!  Oh My Cupcakes! recently celebrated its10-year anniversary in August!

Call me crazy.....but I have never had the opportunity to walk into a location due to my previous work schedule.  But finally, my friend, Miranda and I went to visit Oh My Cupcakes! to taste some new treats!  Miranda tried the "Pleasantville" cupcake while I went for the "Cookie Monster!"

Credit: Christine Manika/ Townsquare Media
Credit: Christine Manika/ Townsquare Media

They were the perfect treats to enjoy during this South Dakota winter!  Oh My Cupcakes! has cupcakes they sell daily as well as some choices that are seasonal!  Check out the cupcake eatery's website to discover the many sweet surprises this store has to offer!

Source: Oh My Cupcakes!  

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