Believe it or not, people used to regularly dress up and enjoy a meal at restaurants with their friends, family, or for a date night.  It may now seem like a crazy concept for people.  However, some South Dakotans are still enjoying visiting their favorite restaurants in spite of COVD-19.  This might look a bit different, but the food still tastes great!

Since residents in the state as well as in Sioux Falls still have the privilege of sitting down at restaurants, it's so critical to support these local businesses.  Ode to Food and Drinks in Downtown Sioux Falls is one of those exceptional eateries!

If you need to escape from the craziness of the world, Ode to Food and Drinks will take care of that!  All you have to do is eat and enjoy!

Ode to Food and Drinks can be a bit tricky to find if you're from out of town.  This little slice of local heaven is located inside the Cherapa building next to the Arc of Dreams sculpture.  The popular restaurant is the destination for all food lovers in the Sioux Empire.  According to its website,  Ode to Food and Drinks is "influenced by the rustic luxury of Napa Valley combined with San Francisco Firehouse cuisine.  Chef Bob's food is full of flavor that is sophisticated, but refreshingly simple so it appeals to a wide-range of palates."  The restaurant certainly wasn’t kidding about a lot of flavors!

I have always heard great things about Ode to Food and Drinks.  Since I have never dined at this establishment, my friend Sadie decided I needed to visit immediately because that's how awesome the food is.  There were so many entrees that I wanted to try!  I finally settled on the Wild Caught Salmon Filet with asparagus and mashed potatoes.  Let me just  The salmon and asparagus were just cooked to perfection! I could not stop talking about how delicious the food tasted.

Of course, my friend and I did not stop at just the salmon dinner.  We had to satisfy our sweet cravings.  For dessert, we ordered the vanilla crème brûlée.  This was my first crème brûlée ever!  It was the perfect dessert to top off dinner.

Ode to Food and Drinks is open for dine-in and curbside take-out.  There is something for everyone to enjoy including keto-friendly options.  Ode to Food and Drinks also offers a great patio on the Riverwalk for outdoor dining during warmer weather.  I know my dad would love to have lunch by the Arc of Dreams sculpture the next time he visits!

Bon Appétit, Sioux Falls!

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