Another weekend means another opportunity to explore more local businesses and restaurants located around the Sioux Empire!  This past weekend I decided to continue my brewery tour in the Sioux Empire.  I checked Obscure Brewing and great news...they allow dogs!  That's definitely a perk if you're taking a stroll with your furry friend on a weekend afternoon and just happen to be in the area of the brewery!

Obscure Brewing can be found on the east side of Sioux Falls on East Grant Street.  This local hotspot is all set to showcase a new brew thanks to its elaborate brew- deck.  According to its website, the brew-deck at Obscure Brewing is "a custom-built steam heated system made by Deutsche Beverage Tech joins two different sized brewing systems together. This provides us the ability to brew large enough batches that we can share with the entire state as well as small-batch specialty beers that are only available in the Obscure taproom."  In other words, there's enough to last people through a global pandemic!

Obscure Brewing has a variety of seasonal and fan-favorite brews on tap to enjoy while catching up with friends.  Surprisingly, I'm starting to enjoy trying new ales and IPAs!  I really feel like I am tasting and embracing all of South Dakota in one drink due to the fact it's locally brewed.  I sampled a few different beverages: Chronophobia and Mango Kölsch.  These brews were so different and unique.  Chronophobia is more of a hazy IPA with a little bit of spice.  Mango Kölsch is more of a fruit beer which I actually liked.  It was honestly my favorite drink out of the two because I could really taste the hints of mango.

Funny story: I sincerely thought the Chronophobia drink was pronounced "CORONA-PHOBIA!"  Boy was I wrong!  But I think I gave Obscure Brewing a new name for a future brew.

It was truly obvious Obscure Brewing has a great atmosphere for great friends and good times.  I cannot wait to visit again!

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