Tourism week is upon us here in the Sioux Empire!  This is the time to highlight and appreciate all the local restaurants, attractions, and businesses in our area.

One of the best ways to see what Sioux Falls has to offer is by taking a stroll throughout Downtown Sioux Falls!  There's always something to eat and shop for.  One of the shops that has a little bit of everything is Mint + Basil.

Whether you are shopping for a new outfit or even a scented candle, you'll probably find it when you visit Mint + Basil.

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This cherished local business can be found in the heart of downtown on Phillips Avenue nestled among some other treasured Sioux Falls’ favorites. According to its website, this is a shop that loves to "make art for a living."  In fact, Donny and Hope are the "yin and yang" behind Mint + Basil.  They even have a location up in Fargo, North Dakota.  This husband and wife duo are literally a team in this business.  They work together, play together, travel together, and yes they're always growing together.

I was truly blown away when I first stepped into Mint + Basil.  This local, independent gem goes beyond the clothes.  It really has everything for you and your humble abode!  The store offers a variety of scented candles, pots for your plants, and even hot sauce!

I always walk out with an entire outfit or a new decoration for my home.  So if you're planning a visit to Sioux Falls, be sure to include Mint + Basil on your to-do list!

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