Sioux Falls offers a variety of locally owned establishments whether it's a clothing store or a restaurant.  JL Beers, a franchise with a local flare is personally one of my favorite places to gather with my family and friends for a bite to eat!
This popular burger and beer joint has two locations in Sioux Falls.  One location sits right along Western Avenue close to the Western Mall.  The other location is in Downtown Sioux Falls on Phillips Avenue.  You really can't go wrong with either location!  Since 2013, JL Beers has been voted "Best Burger" by The Local  Best!  They even won the Downtown Sioux Falls Burger Battle in 2014!
In my humble opinion, JL Beers is a staple in Sioux Falls.  One of my favorite sandwiches to eat is the JLapeño Chicken Sandwich.  This tasty meal has diced jalapeños, pepperjack cheese, bacon, jalapeño ranch sauce and jalapeño cheddar seasoning. There is so much flavor in just one sandwich!  Other meals I would highly recommend are the JL Burger and the Mt. Mushmore Burger.
Any burger or sandwich can be paired perfectly with any brew on the burger restaurant’s menu.  JL Beers always has regular and seasonal brews on tap.  A drink that I paired with my meal was the Left Hand Flamingo.  It’s a fruity ale with a little bit of spice, but you can barely taste it! The best's pink!
JL Beers is definitely a highly touted dining option if you are visiting Sioux Falls for the first time!
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