Since the individuals are successfully slowing the spread of the COVID-19 virus, local businesses are starting to open their doors to the public once again.

Staying inside for months can be frustrating, so Crawford's Bar and Grill in Downtown Sioux Falls is now guaranteeing a stress-free evening for its patrons!

The Sioux Falls establishment is located right in the heart of the downtown area on South Phillips Avenue.  Crawford's Bar and Grill embraces the essence of the historic aspect of Downtown Sioux Falls.  In fact, this restaurant was inspired by the wild west.  Crawford's Bar and Grill is rustic yet super classic from its wooden tables and jeweled walls to its exquisite chandeliers.  There is detail in every part of the space.

Credit: Christine Manika (TSM)

Crawford's Bar and Grill is a great place to enjoy a happy hour cocktail or a weeknight dinner with some friends.  If you're not hungry for a bigger meal, the menu features a variety of smaller plates and appetizers as well.  This includes Crawford's Steak Bites, BBQ Beef Chislic, and my personal favorite, the Charcuterie Board.  There isn't a combo quite like meat and cheese.

Crawford's Bar and Grill also offers guests an extensive alcoholic beverage menu.  I recommend the Crawford's POMtini if you're looking to try something new.

Credit: Christine Manika (TSM)

Think of the Crawford's POMtini as a fruit punch drink.  It's not too sweet or too's a perfect mix of fruits and that includes POM juice.

Visit Crawford's Bar and Grill to learn more about its delicious menu and the great selection of drinks.  It's definitely a top spot to visit in Downtown Sioux Falls!

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