Downtown Sioux Falls offers a variety of restaurants to help residents and visitors experience the taste of Sioux Falls. One hot spot that was recently named to Buzzfeed's "Best Sandwich Spots In Every State" is the Bread and Circus Sandwich Kitchen.

After residing in Portland, Oregon for nearly 15 years,  owners and Sioux Falls residents, Jordan Taylor and Barry Putzke decided it was time to move back to their home state.  The two never owned a business before.  According to their story on Bread and Circus Sandwich Kitchen, Barry was in finance while Jordan pursued a culinary career. Together they devised a plan to return to Sioux Falls and utilize their respective talents and visions to open a business!

Not only does this dining establishment offer sandwiches, but the Bread and Circus menu consists of salads, soups, french fries, and even wings.  The bowl pictured in the article is known as the "Hawaiian Bowl."  This dish includes rice, macaroni salad, and chicken.  You won't be able to find the Hawaiian Bowl on their regular menu.  However, they do offer this meal inside Bread and Circus.

Visit Bread and Circus Sandwich Kitchen to see which sandwiches and meals will please your palate.

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