Most people usually feel really powerful after completing a tough workout session.  But the true challenge is finding healthy food that will complement your workout.  Recently, Downtown Sioux Falls welcomed Agua Fresh that offers food to balance your activity.

Agua Fresh's originally opened at the Empire Mall and downtown is its' second location in the city on Phillips Avenue.  According to Agua Fresh, they "believe that the balance of body, mind, and spirit must be provided for happiness.  One of the most important elements that provide this balance is to be healthy at the beginning."

This menu is perfect for any health food junky.  Some items they offer on their menu include smoothies, sandwiches, power juices and bowls, and salads.

I love a good smoothie after a long run.  The "Gym Tonic" smoothie is filled with peaches, pineapples, strawberries, mangos, and coconut water.  If you really want some extra power before your workout, you can add protein powder to any smoothie to help get your body ready to sweat.

Visit Agua Fresh to find out more information about their menu and nutrition facts.

Source: Agua Fresh

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