Didn't you love sitting down and watching Batman and Robin on TV back in the '60's?  There was 2 episodes a week and the first episode would end with a cliffhanger..would the Dynamic Duo survive?  We'd had to wait and find out a couple nights later at the "Same Bat-time" and on the "Same Bat-channel"!

Wow, Burgess Meredith as the Penguin, Frank Gorshin as the Riddler, Vincent Price as Egghead, Julie Newmar as Cat Woman.  Great guest villains week after week!

It's hard to believe but our beloved Batman (and no, his true identity wasn't Bruce Wayne, it's Adam West!) had his 82nd birthday September 19th.  And of course, he's moved on.

Yes, Batman is no longer fighting crime my friends.  He's now the Mayor of Quohog Rhode Island!  Check him out Sunday Nights on "Family Guy"...but you might want to keep the little kids away from that particular cartoon.

Oh and by the way, the old Batman series is on METV Saturday evenings at 6.  METV is Channel 14 on my fancy color TV, not sure where it is on yours.  But if you find it, you can also watch "The Fugitive", "Perry Mason", "Kojack", "Twilight Zone" and a lot of great old shows.

Holy Classic TV Shows Batman!