Everyone always loves a good treasure hunt, especially when it includes an epic journey around the United States and some genuine treasures!

The Great US Treasure Hunt is a real-life adventure we could all use right now.  According to its website, The Great US Treasure Hunt is currently hiding four items in four locations across the country.  Each of these items is worth $10,000 for a total of $40,000!  All you have to do is decode a book full of clues and solve some puzzles.  "All items are in public, not buried, 500 miles apart or more, solve any chapter to spell an exact message of where to go and what to find," explains The Great US Treasure Hunt on its website.

It sounds too good to be true, right?  Well for the President of The Great US Treasure Hunt, Jeff Kessler, it's a dream come true for him as well as his friends.

In a recent article from Fox 6 in Milwaukee, Kessler tells Fox 6 that he enjoyed doing puzzles with his friends when they were kids.  Now as adults with some free time on their hands, they wanted to turn their hobbies into a fun, exciting escape from today’s trials and tribulations just for others to enjoy.

Now before you go find four big red "Xs," this isn't that type of treasure hunt.

Kessler explains in an interview with Fox 6, "There are little trinkets, maybe a coin, maybe a fob key, something! Two of them are separated by 500 miles, and the other two are separated by 2,000 miles."

Full disclosure: Kessler is the brother of one of my good friends in California.  She told me that he and his friends were excited to share this expedition with the world.  She also provided me with a little insight into where the items might be hidden including here in South Dakota.

So is there an item hidden in the state of "Great Faces, Great Places?"  Without giving too much away, my friend told me the following:

All I know is he did drive by Mount Rushmore.  Like everyone else, I don't know where the items are hidden.

Are you up for the challenge?

All the clues can only be found in The Great US Treasure Hunt ebook available now on Amazon.  You can click here to start your adventure today!

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