Well, the holidays are over with, done and gone for another year. Whew! Now that was a heck of a busy time, what with family and friends and going here, there and everywhere! It's nice to get back into a routine, settle into your groove, so to speak.

But then...why feeling blue? And how can I, well, get over these post holiday blues?

Write a Thank You letter. Yep, it might be just that simple.

Now, you remember how to write a letter, right? No, not a text, not a quick email, an honest-to-goodness letter, spelling out a 'Thank You' to that friend or relative you spent time with (and maybe received a present from!) over Christmas and New Years.

The Daily Mail says writing that Thank You letter actually has an added benefit: It'll be a boost to your mental health, too. Psychologist's call it 'gratitude therapy'. What the heck does that mean?

Simple. While we're thanking that friend or loved one, we're actually focusing on the positive things in our own life. In other words, we have a whole lot of things to be thankful for ourselves while we're thanking someone else!

So if you're feeling a little down now that things are kind of getting back to normal, lay out a sheet of paper, pick up that pen you have in your junk drawer and tell someone thanks. They'll certainly appreciate it and you just might feel a whole lot better yourself!


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