My wife Lorlane, son Mark Jr. and I have all of our traditions for Christmas. What we are going to eat, when we open presents and many other things are on our 'must do' list.

But the most important of all, is a birthday party for our Savior Jesus Christ. My wife insists that she bake a birthday cake and we sing Happy Birthday to our Lord.

For it was his birth that made our world for all of us. Without him, where would we be?

He is the best friend we will ever have. He died for us. He didn't choose a kingdom on this earth, he chose a cross.

We in no way, can escape death. We are going to die on this earth. I don't care if you live in a mansion, or if you are homeless. It doesn't matter how rich you are, how smart you are or how healthy you are today, you will die. We can't, in no way, escape it.

But Jesus, and only Jesus, can save us from it. He is our ultimate friend! Let's all wish him a Happy Birthday!