Kris Kristofferson is the greatest songwriter ever. Period.

Oh, I know. Ask people who the greatest songwriter ever is like asking them who's the greatest singer ever, what's the greatest TV show ever, what's the greatest movie ever.

It's subjective. Ask ten people you could well get ten different answers.

Except for greatest songwriter ever. It's Kris. Either you agree or your wrong.

Sunday Morning Comin' Down. Me and Bobby McGee. For The Good Times. Help Me Make It Through The Night. Why Me, Lord.

Kris wrote all those songs, which have become country music standards. And that's just the beginning.

I have virtually everything Kris has released through the years. I was a senior in high school when I 'discovered' his debut album, which by the way included all those songs. I was in awe. I've done a little writing myself through the years, and I can truthfully say I'm sure I wouldn't have if it weren't for stumbling onto that first Kris album and the albums that followed.

Kris had his 85th birthday on June 22, 2021. My wife and I saw him several years ago at the Washington Pavilion. I was like a little kid seeing his or her sports idol. I probably watched and listened to the whole concert with my mouth open. Crazy, I know.

That picture above is an autographed picture of Kris that my daughter gave me a year or so ago. It sits in my workspace. I see it everyday.

So, the question is, what is my favorite Kris penned song? Well, that's impossible to answer. There are dozens I love and most of them the general public perhaps hasn't heard. Album cuts we used to call them. But The Pilgrim-Chapter 33 would be right at or the top of the list. Listen to the lyrics:

Happy Birthday Kris. And thank you.

Remembering the Country Stars Who've Died in 2021:

May they rest in peace ...


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