I first saw Alabama in concert in Rapid City back in the 1980's. They came to Rapid City just about every year back then, usually around the time of the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally.

They were the biggest band in the world.

I suppose I was first introduced to this band called Alabama in 1980 like a lot of the rest of the world. I was working in country radio in Aberdeen at the time, a time when a song called 'Tennessee River' came to the station. I thought it was 'Wow Good', and I was right. It went to number one on the country music chart.

But there was a question:

Would they last?

Well, 32 number one single's later, I'd say that question was answered.

Alabama was the biggest band in the world in the 1980's, and the success continued right on into the '90's. 32 number one's later, and over 75 million records sold, it's no wonder Alabama is in the Country Music Hall of Fame and now a country music legend.

Of course it wasn't exactly an overnight success story. The band was formed back in 1969 in the Fort Payne, Alabama area. There were some member changes, but by 1980 the band was set. Randy Owen, Teddy Gentry, Jeff Cook and Mark Herndon took the country music (and sometimes the pop music world as well) by storm. Today, Randy, Teddy and Jeff still tour the world.

And their legacy? Well, I wonder if there would have been a plethora of successful country band's since the '80's without Alabama. Trailblazer's? The argument could be made.

But there is no argument that Alabama has their rightful place in the prestigious Country Music Hall of Fame.

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