Before his death on May 17Guy Clark left an indelible mark on country music -- one that most certainly will not be soon forgotten. In a unique move, instead of opting for a traditional burial, the late legend has requested that his ashes be turned into a work of art.

According to a Facebook post from Tamara Saviano, Clark's biographer, the singer-songwriter's ashes will be incorporated into a statue honoring his life and music.

"Guy’s last wishes were clear,” Saviano writes. "At some point in his waning years, his lyrical request — ’Susanna, oh Susanna, when it comes my time, won’t you bury me south of that Red River line’  — changed to instructions to be cremated, with his cremains sent to Terry Allen to be incorporated into a sculpture.”

Allen, a fellow outlaw country legend, is a musician and artist whose works are displayed in galleries across the country. Also a longtime friend of Clark's, Allen wrote songs that Clark recorded, and frequently joined him onstage at gigs near his home in Santa Fe, N.M.

Rolling Stone reports that Clark's ashes have been transported to Santa Fe, following a private wake in Nashville; there, the Allens hosted a memorial. Allen tells the magazine that he is considering using barbed wire bird's nests, displayed at a museum in Lubbock, Texas, as inspiration for Clark's sculpture. The artist says that Clark was fascinated by those nests.

Clark passed away at the age of 74, following years of declining health. He'd also fought a lengthy battle with cancer.

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