Happy Ground Hog Day everyone! This morning, 2/2/22, the world's most famous whistle pig, Punxsutawney Phil, made his prediction foretelling either an early spring or 6 more weeks of winter. At precisely 7:25 AM, in front of the largest crowd in the history of the Gobbler's Knob tradition, Phil chose the scroll that predicted 6 more weeks of winter. Thanks a lot, Phil.

See the video here.

Sure, it's a cute fun holiday we celebrate every year but where did this annual tradition of 'let's watch a rodent for a little bit to see how he reacts to his shadow' come into play?

And why on the second day of February?

Turns out the date of February where Ground Hog Day lands is exactly halfway between the winter solstice and the spring equinox.

There's also another reason as to why we celebrate Ground Hog day today according to History:

"As Christianity spread through Europe, Imbolc evolved into Candlemas, a feast commemorating the presentation of Jesus at the holy temple in Jerusalem. In certain parts of Europe, Christians believed that a sunny Candlemas meant another 40 days of cold and snow"-History.

The first Ground Hog Day was celebrated all the way back in 1887 in Punxsutawney, Pennsylvania.

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The idea for the whole event came from a local Pennsylvania newspaper editor who sold the idea to a group of businessmen and groundhog hunters.

Together, these men then created a location in PA named 'Gobbler’s Knob' where the appointed groundhog is recorded for his reaction to its shadow or not. (Meaning if we will have six more weeks of winter or not.)

Today, the event is overseen by a band of local dignitaries wearing top hats known as the 'Inner Circle.'

Groundhogs have been proven to be right in their judgment about 60% of the time.

Also, did you know Phil has a wife? Her name is Phyllis and they hibernate together every year. ~ Aaaawwww.

Source: History

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