Have an idea for a business startup or concept?

Then why not try and submit your idea to the 2021 Governor's Giant Vision Competition?

The South Dakota Chamber of Commerce every year has a program that provides value to its members of the general public through the Governor’s Giant Vision Business and Student Business Competition.

Applicants are sought out from all over South Dakota; anyone from a state citizen to college and or technical students can submit an idea to the Governor's Giant Vision Competition.

The top entries are selected from the Business and Student categories and then move on to compete for prize money that will help to assist with the start-up of that business and or new idea right here in South Dakota.

This money can also be referred to by some business professionals as seed money as it is the seed from which your new business will flourish from.

For more information as to what would be acceptable as an entry and how you can apply for the 2021 competition, you can visit their website HERE.

A little bit of a side note. I personally entered this contest back in 2018 and just was asked to submit a business plan. So if you already have one written then go ahead and upload that on their website as your submission.

They even sent me back a certificate with my business's name on it for participating which was kind of a cool souvenir.

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