There are rattlesnakes in South Dakota and a hero dog named Bear has the wound to prove it. While hiking Centennial Trail near Sheridan Lake in the Black Hills last Friday, Devin and Alex Diede, along with their Yorkshire Terrier, encountered a rattler on the trail. According to KEVN, Devin's wife Alex would've definitely stepped on the snake but the dog noticed and took the bite. The snake did not rattle until after the bite so there was no warning at all.

After the venomous strike, 11-year-old Bear was taken to a Rapid City veterinary clinic where it received great care.

The Diede's quickly carried Bear 2 miles back to the car and headed for the vet where Bear would begin a blood transfusion. Miraculously, Bear was cleared to go home the next day with all vital signs looking good.

Devin is convinced his wife would've stepped on the rattlesnake if Bear wasn't there to take the bite instead.

He’s doing surprisingly well. He’s walking around just fine and as happy as could be. He’s a tough little guy and most definitely a hero.” ~ Devin Diede, via KEVN News

After the terrifying encounter, People magazine took note and posted pics of the beloved pooch. More proof that we need dogs in our lives.

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