Houston, Texas, native Gary Kyle has a new EP due out on Friday (Sept. 15), but he and his band the Kin are giving The Boot's readers an advance listen to one of its tracks. Readers can press play below to hear "So Good So Far."

Written by Blane Cox and produced by Kyle and Ben Jackson, "So Good So Far" is a simple, straightforward song: It's about a relaxing day out fishing, and there's no mistaking that. Its lyrics tell the story of waiting for, catching and, yes, throwing back out, a fish.

"So good so far / Sitting on the bank, sippin' from a mason jar," Kyle sings in the chorus of "So Good So Far." "Some might think it's foolish, I think it's five star / So good so far."

"So Good So Far" will appear on Kyle and the Kin's Rewind White EP, which is set for release on Friday. The disc is technically the first part of a complete album; however, when Kyle finished recording the project, he realized that half of the songs had a Texas country / Americana sound to them while the other half sounded more mainstream. So, he split them up.

Kyle's Rewind White EP reflects the singer's upbringing in Texas; in addition to "So Good So Far," it includes songs titled "Champagne," "Whiskey Dents" and "Tornado," its first single, among others. In 2018, Kyle will release the second half of his new music, on his Rewind Blue EP.

Fans can visit GaryKyleMusic.com to learn more about Kyle and the Kin.

Listen to Gary Kyle, "So Good So Far":

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