Garth Brooks has revealed the track listing for his much-anticipated upcoming album.

The country megastar is set to release 'Man Against Machine' on Nov. 11. He previewed the new tracks for an invitation-only crowd of insiders at Sony's office in Nashville Friday morning (Oct. 31). Calling the new album one of his most personal to date, Brooks then wrapped up with an acoustic performance of one of the new songs, 'Mom,' written by Don Sampson and Wynn Varble.

The upcoming project features songs from some of the top writers in Nashville, including Chris Wallin, Brice Long, Dean Dillon, busbee, Allen Shamblin, Stephanie Bentley and Bob DiPiero. Brooks also co-wrote several tracks.

'Man Against Machine' is currently available for a one-day-only free preview at GhostTunes.

Garth Brooks, 'Man Against Machine' Track Listing:

1. 'Man Against Machine'
2. 'She's Tired of Boys'
3. 'Cold Like That'
4. 'All-American Kid'
5. 'Mom'
6. 'Wrong About You'
7. 'Rodeo and Juliet'
8. 'Midnight Train'
9. 'Cowboys Forever'
10. 'People Loving People'
11.'Send 'Em on Down the Road'
12. 'Fish'
13. 'You Wreck Me'
14. 'Tacoma'

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