This is the Dakota Marker, a traveling trophy created in 2004 to signify the winner of the South Dakota State - North Dakota State football game each Fall.

It was designed to resemble the quartzite monuments that used to mark the border between the two states. The initials 'S.D.' and 'N.D.' are chiseled on opposite sides, and "190 M" is inscribed in one face to represent the distance between Brookings and  Fargo.

The rivalry has become a big deal the last few years, with the Bison winning three straight National Championships and the Jackrabbits making the FCS Playoffs each of the last two years.  This year, they're both ranked in the Top 25 coming into the game.

Over the years, part of the fun of the rivalry has been the 'friendly' wager between the states' two governors on the outcome of the game.

One year, South Dakota Governor Dennis Daugaard put up a smoked-pheasant dinner against North Dakota Governor Jack Dalrymple's case of low-carb Dreamfields pasta, which is manufactured in Carrington, North Dakota.

So what fun side bet do the two governors have for the 2014 Dakota Marker tilt?

Charitable donations.


In recognition of the two states' 125th birthdays, Daugaard will donate $125 to Dalrymple’s chosen charity, Habitat for Humanity – Northern Lights Chapter, if the Bison win; Dalrymple will give $125 to Daugaard’s charity of choice, South Dakota Cribs for Kids, if the Jackrabbits win.

Don't get me wrong, I fully support charitable causes, and give to a number myself, but is this really the best we can do?

How about including the donations in addition to something a tad bit more interesting?

Let's hope Saturday's game in Fargo is more intriguing than the lack of imagination shown by our elected

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