A four day work week. Are you thinking you might like that, but the boss would never go for it?

Well, it just might be the best thing for the boss and the business you work for as well.

According to The Guardian, one company who went to a four day work week found that it not only reduced work stress for the workers, productivity for the company increased 20%. And when productivity increases, and the bottom line looks better, the boss i one happy camper!

Some companies found that while productivity increased initially when a four day work week was implemented, that productivity soon leveled off and even slightly decreased. Maybe employees were 'gung ho' when it began, and then fell into 'cruise control' after a while?

So maybe the results of the study are mixed.

I remember back in the 1970's a gentleman I knew was working a four day week for a company in the Twin Cities (maybe they were ahead of their time). But it wasn't reduced weekly hours, it was just 4 10-hour days rather than 5 8-hour days. Anyway, he loved it, having a 3 day weekend every weekend.

So I suppose the studies will continue. What do you think? Could you produce in 4 days what you now do in 5?

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