South Dakota Democrats appear to see an uptick in momentum with the addition of Former Circuit Court Judge Tim Bjorkman announcing his candidacy for South Dakota's United States House of Representatives seat and Senate minority leader Billie Sutton announcing running for for Governor.

Long time democrat and former US Sentator Jim Abourezk says he has confidence in Sutton.

"I know him, I think he’s going to be one fine Governor. He’s sensible, he’s smart, he likes people, and he knows how to treat people very well, so I think Billlie’s a winner."

Jim Abourezk says Sutton has support both east and west river, and democrats are getting noticed. "Yeah, because of Billie.  Well, he’s been around working…seeing crowds and so on.  He’s a good man."

Regarding Bjorkman for Secretary of State, Jim Abourezk says he has not met him personally, but has heard good things about Bjorkman and what he could accomplish for the state.

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