A recent study shows that couples prefer to have pets over kids!  56% of people in Louisiana alone say they'd rather be parents of pets than kids.

Additionally, another study shows that 86% of people say they will break up with their significant other if they don't like their dog.  Some say that's worse than not wanting any children.

We all love our pets no matter how much fur or scales they have.  Randy and I had some fun last week on the show talking about our pets.  Believe it or not, my dog Honey is the first dog I've ever had.  I have had a lot of fish, frogs, and lizards growing up.  My sister and I begged for a dog for years.  23 years of asking finally paid off last year!

We asked KXRB listeners on Facebook if they would have pets over having children.  Some people said they did not have kids but a lot of dogs.  Other listeners said they don't have a problem with people having pets over kids.  It only becomes an issue if people are getting pets to help them decide if they want to have children in the future.

Check out some of the adorable "fur babies" our listeners have!  Thanks for sharing!

Credit: Jaramine Eaton (Reeb)
Credit: Linda Livermore (Fergus)
Credit: Reid Erdmann (Hercules)
Credit: Marilyn Whitney(Marty)
Credit: Brad Glazier (Chase)
Credit: Angela Haisch (Casey)
Credit: Rickie Mork (Mindy)
Credit: Melva Ness-Herried (Gus)
Credit: Tiffany Eason (Izzie)

Source:  Local 12