He's everywhere, he's everywhere! The flu bug, that is.

With the flu widespread all across the United States, it seems that little demon has even infiltrated our churches. According to the Associated Press, the Buffalo, New York Bishop has laid down some rules to try and keep this nasty little critter out of places of worship.

There will be no wine offered during Catholic Masses in Buffalo until the bug has flown the coop...or the church. That means no wine from a communal cup and he's asking congregants not to shake hands as a sign of peace. For now, just bow. And churches must drain and disinfect holy water fonts, too.

And it's not just in the Buffalo area apparently. Similar type measures are being taken by churches elsewhere as well.

Health officials are continuing to track growing numbers of flu cases nationwide.

So yes, please continue going to the church of your choice. But maybe, just for a while, give a friendly 'Hi, how are ya? Best to you!' instead of a hug and handshake.

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