This is something that everyone is guilty of...going into work sick.

In fact, NBC reports that "90 percent of workers say they do. Experts say you should stay home if you have a fever or the flu and to wash your hands regularly to prevent illness."  It's natural to want to push through the sneezing, coughing, and aches in our bodies.  But that's not necessarily the best action for the work environment and colleagues around us.

Forbes lists three reasons why you should stay in bed if you're not feeling well.

  1. You're contagious: This should be an obvious answer for some people.  You shouldn't infect an entire office with your germs, especially if you have the flu.  Schools have guidelines to keep kids home to protect their classmates.  Don't worry about the work you have ahead.  Worry about protecting yourself and others around you.  It's better to be out for a few days than a whole week.
  2. You are more likely to make mistakes: Not feeling well can show through your work performance.  Forbes reports that "Studies have found the total annual cost of lost productivity from presenteeism is estimated at more than $150 billion."  You don't do your best work when you're sick and you tend to make more mistakes.
  3. You may stay sick longer: Just like if you ran a marathon, your body needs time to recover and heal.  The flu can take a lot of energy and you feel tired all the time.  Rest, drink plenty of water, and avoid stress are the best medicines in order to feel better faster.  If you follow these guidelines, you should be up and running at work in no time.

The moral of the story: please stay home if you're sick!  You’ll definitely speed up your recovery as well as protect your colleagues from contracting the illness!

Sources: NBCForbes

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