Minnesota sees a lot of weird warnings due to weather. We can basically have all of the seasons in one day in this state...and then have mosquitos attack us just for fun. It's lovely. The latest warning posted by the National Weather Service Twin Cities is one that I've never seen in my 23 years of living in this state.

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Weirdest Warning Ever Just Posted By National Weather Service in Minnesota

Whenever I want a laugh, I check out Twitter. You really can't believe anything you see thanks to Musk buying the company and making people pay money for blue checkmarks but I did get a chuckle out of the latest post by NWS Twin Cities. On May 11th, they shared the weirdest warning ever:

WORM WARNING! Areas along and south of I-94 can expect to see, smell, and step on many worms this morning. Proceed with caution.

That smell of worms is THE worst! It honestly makes me gag as soon as that odor hits my nostrils.

I did see a lot of worms in my driveway this morning too. So Southeast Minnesota, you might want to take notice of this warning as well.

Jessica Williams, Townsquare Media
Jessica Williams, Townsquare Media

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