It is hard enough to try and explain the big mysteries in life, probably because life itself is a mystery we've yet to unravel. Let alone, attempt to explain some of the quirky stumpers we experience but never really delve into.

Where is Jimmy Hoffa? What happened to Amelia Earhart? Sasquatch & Loch Ness Monster- -real or not real? How did they build the pyramids? How can we cure cancer and other awful diseases? How do planes stay in the air? (Okay, I know they know this one, but it's still magic to me!)

The frustrating, mind-bending truth is, we may never have answers to all the truly baffling big mysteries that swirl around us throughout our existence on this planet. But what about some of the everyday puzzlers you wonder about?

If you stick with this little story, that is about to change. I came across an article in Reader's Digest that really piqued my interest and I think you might end up smiling in recognition the same way I did at some of their explanations.

Explaining Eight of Life's Little Mysteries

You can find even more answers to life's intriguing minor mysteries by reading the whole article online.

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