A South Dakota restaurant is receiving some national recognition now that Food & Wine magazine has declared it has the best sandwich in the entire state.

There are so many restaurants in the state with great sandwiches, but which restaurant boasts the sandwich that stands out from the rest?  Here are a couple of hints about this sandwich, and where you can find it:  There isn’t any deli meat in this recipe, and it’s not available just anywhere. One more key clue...the name of this sandwich perfectly represents the state bird of South Dakota.

Give up? Well, according to Food & Wine magazine's research and reviews, the best sandwich in South Dakota comes from the Pheasant Restaurant and Lounge in Brookings!

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The infamous Pheasant Salad Sandwich from this local restaurant tops the list.  Food & Wine states sandwiches have just "stood the test of time" over the years.  Plus, it's kind of tough to botch a sandwich recipe.  It's probably one of the few foods that people can actually agree on.

Food & Wine only ranked sandwiches. The criteria specifically indicated that two slices of some sort of bread were required to be considered a sandwich. After all, two slices of bread is a must for the perfect sandwich! The list did not include hamburgers, hot dogs, burritos, or tacos. In most cases, barbecue was also not allowed on this list.

If you have not tried the Pheasant Salad Sandwich from the Pheasant Restaurant and Lounge, where the heck have you been?!  This was actually one of the first meals I enjoyed when I moved to South Dakota  This sandwich includes of course pheasant meat, chopped apples, cranberries, and roasted pecans, topped with melted swiss served on marble rye toast.

This is truly a South Dakota delicacy that can't be beat! It's always exciting when a South Dakota business is recognized on a national level.

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