For years, maybe decades, you had a work routine.

Get up, shower, breakfast, take care of the things you had to take care of at home, and then into the car and off to work. Maybe it took 5 minutes to get to the office, maybe an hour. Whatever it was, it was your routine for what seemed like forever.

Then the pandemic. COVID 19. The Coronavirus. And things changed, changed a whole lot. Suddenly, you got word that you would be doing your job from home. Remotely was the word your boss used. For the foreseeable future, your office would be your kitchen or your living room, your bedroom, or maybe your garage. Heck, if the weather was nice, maybe on the patio or the deck.

And so there was another adjustment. And it took time, time to get used to this 'new normal'. But it happened, you adapted and found that, hey...this ain't too bad!

Well, hopefully, that's the case because apparently a good number of companies might just make that 'work-from-home' permanent.

According to Business Insider,  a majority of companies surveyed (in fact, 67%) say they're thinking the work-from-home policies will either be permanent or at the very least be in place for what they call the 'long term'. In fact, Twitter has already said employees can work from the home place forever and ever, amen.

For those of you that do return to the cozy office, it may well be cozier. Nearly half of those surveyed said the 'physical office footprint' will be significantly reduced. I think that means your coffee pal might not be there when you get back.

As for when you might be hopping in the car and heading back to the office, about a quarter of those surveyed said...hmm, not sure.

You can read the whole article here and who knows? Maybe working in those PJ's might be a permanent thing for you.

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