The NASCAR season is just weeks away. And now the racing organization is completely changing it's points system.

They want to put focus on making the early portion of each race very important. The NASCAR governing body wants to make every lap count.

Each race will be divided into three stages. The top ten drivers will receive points on a ten thru one scale after the first two stages.

The third stage will be for the overall victory, with traditional point scoring allocated. The race winner will get 40 points.

All bonus points accumulated through the 26-race regular season can be used in the 10-race playoff, which will no longer be called "The Chase."

The winner of the first two stages of each race will receive one playoff point, and the race winner will receive five playoff points.

All playoff points will carry through to the end of the third round of the playoffs. The four title contenders will race straight-up in the season finale for the title.

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