Go ahead and try.  Crank up Doug Kershaw's 'Louisiana Man', a little louder, and see if you can keep that foot from tapping.

It's impossible.

Doug Kershaw came out of Cameron Parish, Louisiana and in fact didn't learn to speak English til he was 8 years old.  By the time he was 13 he was fiddling professionally.

Growing up amidst Cajun fiddle and accordion music, Doug and his brothers made their living playing music.  And their music was a party.

Doug's signature song 'Louisiana Man' (which he wrote) sold millions of copies and has been recorded by over 800 artist's.

So whatever happened to the great Doug Kershaw?

Doug has had his share of trouble and sorrow in his life.  His Father committed suicide when Doug was only 7 years old.  He also spent years fighting the demons of drugs and alcohol.  But I'm happy to say Doug defeated those demon's back in the 1980's and he's alive and well (and still playing great music, primarily around his home state of Louisiana) at the age of 76.

Oh, and if you've already played the video above, were you able to keep that foot from tapping?

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