Iowa and Illinois residents have been in a frenzy over screeching cicadas for over a week. They are alive and crawling everywhere in Iowa and Illinois.

These Iowa and Illinois cicada broods are so loud that people have called 911 in a panic thinking there was an emergency. But have no fear! These screaming cicadas are harmless.

This cicada invasion is special. According to WGN-TV, two very large broods emerged from the ground throughout the Midwest and eastern states. These broods (Brood XIX and Brood XIII) have been in the ground for at least 17 years! Now they want to explore trees, help the environment, and...well mate.

Saturday Night Live even joked about these annoying insects.

While driving around Iowa and Illinois last weekend, I heard the cicadas far and wide. The number of shells and screams of these bugs is amazing.

Iowa & Illinois Cicada Invasion

My dog Honey is already used to the screaming cicadas. Fun fact: Cicadas are harmless to dogs. My twin sister (a veterinarian) confirmed cicadas are not poisonous to dogs. Just make sure they don't eat a lot of them. They can cause an upset stomach.

[video width="720" height="1280" mp4=""][/video]

My husband and dad went golfing at Cog Hill. The cicadas were everywhere and loud!

Iowa & Illinois Cicada Invasion

So will there be a cicada invasion in South Dakota in 2025? Not yet! Southern Ohio through Kentucky and Tennessee and parts of West Virginia, Virginia, and North Carolina will see the next brood.

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