I suppose the two most successful cartoon character's in the 'old days' (also known as my growing up years!) were Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck.  Mickey was everywhere and Donald wasn't far behind.

But let's not forget that other loveable duck, you know the one.



Looney Tunes
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While Daffy may not have been as popular as Donald, he was a superstar in his own right.  Many times, of course, he would co-star with Bugs Bunny, sometimes as his best friend, other times as arch-rival.  Either way, we loved him.

And just how popular was Daffy?

Well, in the world of 'Looney Tunes' (and Merrie Melodies), he appeared in a whopping 133 comedy shorts, third most of the Looney gang, behind Bugs (166) and Porky (159).

Yep, since the late 1930's (and doesn't he look good for his age!) millions of children, and dare I say adults, have loved the antic's of a duck that was definitely Daffy!



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