I am a home owner who takes pride in my lawn. Some guys carry a picture of their girl friend in there wallet, I carry a picture of my lawn.

I don't hate dogs. But I do hate having dog walkers stop at my house to let their dog urinate.

I've had people tell me that dog pee doesn't harm the grass. My answer to that is telling them to go home and have your dog pee on your own lawn.

The fact is, dog urine does harm grass. Ironically, it's not the chemical contained in the urine. It's the concentration of it.

The urine contains nitrogen, which is actually a fertilizer. But the heavy dose of it burns the grass and kills it. Actual lawn fertilizer would do the same thing if applied in one spot in a heavy dose without being diluted.

With that said, a female dog will do more damage. Not from the urine being any different, but because of the way they let it go all in one spot. A male dog, on the other hand, usually sprays it around a bit.

If you want to save grass right after a dog urinates, simply pour water on it and dilute it down. If properly diluted, you may see grass around the perimeter actually grow taller because it's getting fertilized at a level of concentration that's helping it.

Another thing that will help your grass survive all this, is to put up a fence.

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