It's been a scorcher in Sioux Falls, hasn't it?

I mean, I saw that one afternoon we had a heat index of 111. What's a "heat index"? Well, it's kind of like a wind chill turned upside down. It's the "feels like" thing. To put it another way, it's doggone hot.

And it seems like it's been unusually hot for days and days. So of course, that can only mean one thing: It's going to be an unusually cold winter, right?

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Hold on, Bucko. Not so fast.

Some of the old adages you may have heard through the years aren't true. And this would be one of them.

Meteorologists have done extensive studies through the years on this very subject, and what they found is....nope. The extreme heat of one doesn't mean the extreme cold of the other.

In other words, yes we've had the heat and a lot of it. But we could just as likely have a mild winter. If someone asks you "Are we going to have a cold winter?", I'd answer yep, I think we are. Because don't we always have a cold winter? It's all relative I suppose.

But the thing is, we won't necessarily have a super cold winter.

What it comes down to is the most predictable thing about the weather, especially the long-term weather is the unpredictability.

Now, the Farmers Almanac does have signs that they say could mean a hard winter, things like thicker-than-normal corn husks and the early departure of geese and ducks. Check out their 20 signs of a hard winter here.

But as far as hot summer/cold winter? Nah.



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