What does Sioux Falls have going for it? Well that could be an endless list.

What about health care? Right here in our city we have an outstanding representation of top tier facilities. But there is one common element that exists. A shortage of doctors. Go ahead and scratch your head because I'm not seeing it here.

But according to KSFY TV the nation as a whole is seeing less doctors especially in smaller and rural communities. And in the coming years it’s projected that there could be a 43,000 shortfall in primary care physicians. To address this one Sioux Falls group is doing everything they can to encourage more physicians to practice medicine in rural areas.

KSFY TV reports that Avera Medical Group is working to draw more physicians to rural areas and to show those who train here in Sioux Falls how much of an impact they can make to rural areas.

“It’s a great way to live your personal ministry and take care of people,” said  Avera Medical Group Vice President of Primary Care Mark Vortherms

The report points out that it’s important for students and other physicians to experience rural communities to see the difference that they make there.

The FARM program at USD’s Sanford School of Medicine provides training for students in seven rural counties. The Center for Family Medicine Residency in Sioux Falls is also starting a new program in Pierre on July 1.

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