Myth or truth? Should you take a shower during a thunderstorm? We were probably all wondering about that during this morning's electrically-charged storm that seemed to go on forever. Finally, most of us just did it anyway.

But is it safe?

No. John Jensenius, a lightning safety specialist for the National Weather Service says to stay safe inside your home during a storm you should stay away from anything that conducts electricity, including wires and plumbing. So, when you hear thunder refrain from showering and doing the dishes.

Here's another thing most of us wouldn't give thought to: Is my house grounded properly? How your house is grounded can affect how electricity moves through your metal pipes. Is it via separate rods that are stuck into the ground? That's the preferred method and may be a bit safer in the event of a lightning strike on our home.

Contact an electrician to find out how your home is grounded.

I still took a shower this morning, but I must admit, it was a bit quicker than usual.


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