Local businesses and restaurants in Sioux Falls consistently try to create their own identities. One store might feature a local designer's clothes or a restaurant might have a special signature dish. There's even a brewery in Downtown Sioux Falls that allows your artwork to be shown in an art gallery.  Well...let's call it a "gall-brewery."

Severance Brewing Company is just one of several breweries you can find in Sioux Falls.  Whether it's an afternoon adventure with friends or a night on the town, Severance Brewing Company will always welcome you with a local brew.  Traditionally, you're given a coaster with your beverage.  But at Severance Brewing Company these just aren't any regular coasters.  You are actually the artist and can create your own coaster design! Once it's finished, your masterpiece is displayed on the "Beer Doodles" wall.

I've visited this local brewery a few times, however I never noticed its "Beer Doodles" wall until this past weekend.  I've always sat outside and never really paid attention to the walls.  My friend Miranda and I were recently admiring some of the artwork at Severance Brewing Company.  These were a couple of our favorites!  Take a look and maybe you'll see your own drawing!

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